The Gupta Vidya - Volume III

The Pilgrimage of Humanity

  ISBN 978-0-9992382-9-5  Print

  ISBN 978-1-7334650-4-5  eBook

by Raghavan Iyer

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  in both eBook and print editions.

The Gupta Vidya in three volumes contains the Theosophical writings of Raghavan N. Iyer, published in Hermes between 1975 through 1989 and collected and edited by himself. Following on a rich presentation of the timeless teachings of Theosophy, this volume turns to the evolution of humanity and its pilgrimage from a past lost to history, its present situation, and its long future. Rather than a chronological history of humanity, the essays set out the elements of humanity's past that are relevant to the present and future within the context of karma and reincarnation, demonstrating that each individual is on a pilgrimage that is fundamental to the whole of existence. Essays then focus on the possibility of Enlightenment or full Self-realization as part of that whole and detail what is involved in such spiritual growth and self-transformation, including renunciation, real knowledge, attention, will, perception, integration and true freedom. A section elaborates the renown Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on meditation, and the final set of essays show how all such teachings can be practically applied in one's life and for one's spiritual growth. Glossary and index included.


Professor Iyer earned first-class honors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University, a doctorate in Philosophy, and then was selected to be an Oxford Don in philosophy and politics. He lectured throughout Europe and also in Africa, and his extensive writings have been published by Oxford University Press and Concord Grove Press. He also lectured for many years at the United Lodge of Theosophists in Santa Barbara, where he also founded the Institute of World Culture.


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